Schmaltz Bros Pastrami Slicing


Schmaltz Bros. was founded with the goal to redefine kosher cuisine. We believe the kosher catering industry is long overdue for disruption, and our team is committed to lead a path to the future through culinary innovation and creativity. We’re certain our mission will be embraced by the kosher community, and we’re confident that our non-kosher guests will be equally delighted.

Schmaltz Brothers is proud to be certified Glatt Kosher by the Orthodox Union. We employ a full-time kosher supervisor, or mashgiach temidi at each of our locations

Schmaltz Brothers uses no dairy in our menu items. 

Absolutely! The Schmaltz Bros. truck is available for private rental for all types of events. Please visit our Private Events page to submit an inquiry.

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Rooted in history and religion, kosher dietary laws are specific about what types of food you can eat, and how those foods must be inspected, processed, and prepared. Scholars believe that kosher dietary laws may be the first food laws on record, and in modern times they’ve grown to keep up with advancements in food production technology.

The process of approving beef to be of a high enough quality to be considered kosher is quite intensive. Overall, kosher inspections reject beef at about three times greater rate than the USDA, which makes keeping kosher healthier and safer than standard practices.

All kosher vegetables, fruits and grains are carefully inspected to ensure maximum purity. When presented with a kosher salad, you can be certain it has been held to an higher standard of quality than a non-kosher product.

Yes! We at Schmaltz Bros. are committed to offering the benefits of fresh, kosher cuisine to all who wish to enjoy a memorable dining experience. No yarmulkes required!